O'Hara's Parrot

Expelled and ostracised from the emerald isle after an argument with a one-legged bookie turned sour, O’Hara and his parrot headed for warmer, safer shores.

Finding themselves on the sun-drenched coast of the Caribbean, the two got a mighty taste for the local rum. Morning, noon and night they would gulp the stuff with gusto; quaffing until they were howling and screeching at the breezy night’s bright moon, shrieking in deranged, drunken unison.

Now considering himself rather an expert - and being something of a betting man - O’Hara placed a healthy wager with a local rum-maker that he could create the smoothest, most flavoursome and out-there rum the place had ever tasted. Throwing together the groundbreaking fusion of cinnamon, lime, vanilla, spices and a devilish secret ingredient - O’Hara’s Spiced Rum was born.

 …oh, and we don’t need to tell you who won the bet, right?