O'Hara's works great in many cocktails, here are a few we recommend:

O'Hara's Spiced Tea

25 ml of O'Hara's spiced
12.5 ml of Tequila
12.5ml of Vodka
12.5ml of Gin
12.5ml of Triple Sec/Cointreau
Splash Lemon juice
Splash of Sugar syrup

Shake together, pour over ice and top with Cranberry juice 

Spiced and Stormy

Fresh lime wedges squeezed
25ml of O'Hara's Spiced

Fill glass with ice, pour over 2 parts ginger beer, angostura bitters dash, Stir well. 

O'Hara's Espresso Martini

30ml O'Hara's Spiced Rum
15ml Kahlua
Shot of espresso
Vanilla sugar syrup

Shake, strain into Martini glass garnish with coffee beans

Flaming O'Hara's

Shot glass full of O'Hara's
Lime wheel on top
0.5 tsp sugar on top of lime wheel
Splash of over proof rum

Flame and dust with cinnamon